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Server is FULL!

Dreihdenflahg, Dec 17, 11 12:44 AM.
So when we have long queues, you can find me playing Republic on Kaiburr Crystal

I'm IN!!!

Dreihdenflahg, Dec 15, 11 3:08 PM.
now leave me alone ;)  j/k

Early Access Morning 12/14/2011

Dreihdenflahg, Dec 14, 11 10:22 AM.
Did a quick check of SWTOR's facebook page and it appears that early access has released to somewhere around late august (saw some 8/21, 8/22, and 8/25) folks who are now in.  That means they did nearly all of August in the first 2 waves this morning.  With 2 more waves to go, they may move deep into September.  Will keep my eye on it and update as the next waves go out.

**UPDATE:  Wave 3 just sent.  Appears to be through Sept 10th.

***UPDATE:  Wave 4 just sent. Appears to be through Oct 2nd.

Looks like that is all for today, but...  With 2 full months sent today, we may see all of October and November tomorrow.  Here's hoping!!!


****Update from SWTOR.COM  TOMORROW ACCESS PLANNED TO LAST WEEK OF NOVEMBER! My preorder registration date is 11/28, so I might be in tomorrow!!!

SWTOR Early Access Madness

Dreihdenflahg, Dec 13, 11 7:19 PM.
Today was the first official day of "Early Game Access".  The SWTOR.COM community forums were a madhouse of raging gamers.  Some of the threads went max posts (1000+) in less than 10 minutes.  Forum moderators were busily locking and recreating threads all day long.  This created the perfect storm for the ever present MMORPG trolls.  They were having a field day.  If you like that sort of thing, head on over to the forums.  Otherwise, relax and wait for your early access email.  News Flash...  You will receive your email sometime between now and the 19th!!!

Guild Video v2.0

Dreihdenflahg, Dec 13, 11 1:45 PM.

Per Univamps suggestion... Hand of Doom...

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